How to throw a glitzy B-day bash in NYC!

Ascent Lounge, Columbus Circle - NYC

Ascent Lounge, Columbus Circle - NYC

Birthday Group

So, it’s your born day. You want to throw a memorable bash with all your friends and loved ones. Where else to do it than the glitziest city in the world--New York City! First and foremost, your venue selection is going to depend on your theme and what kind of experience you want your guests to have. While New York’s Clubs are awesome, waiting in lines is not. Nor is spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on bottle service just so your party can have their own space at a reserved table.

So what’s the ideal place? A lounge. New York City clubs are notorious for overpriced drinks combined waitlists and overgrown crowds. While bars are great for happy hour and a casual night out with your beau or girlfriends, not all offer the glamour and sophistication of a lounge.

 THEME: Choose a theme that fits your personality. I’m a Junebaby. My birthday falls just before the summer so I created a theme that was seasonally relevant and dazzling. Most importantly, it was a milestone birthday, so awesome memories were to be made on this night. I called it a “Summer’s Night Masquerade.” Yes, I took my title’s inspiration from Shakespeare’s “A Midnight’s Summer Dream” ha! Adding a masquerade theme with dress code of all black or white upscale dress was my version of a black-tie event. Whatever theme you choose make it your own version! 

THE VENUE: I chose a lounge that had no cover. I wanted classic New York City so chose an area that’s historical, not overpopulated and had a great view of the city. I chose  Ascent Lounge in Columbus Circle.   The lounge screams modern luxury, savory drinks, and an AMAZING view. I hosted a group of 15 – 18 people for my event and spent $100.00 max. How did I do this? Check out cool tips below.

TIP #1: To provide your guests with a classy experience that’s still inexpensive, forget bottle service and instead get a couple of bottles of reasonably priced Champagne for a group toast!

TIP #2: If your hosting a larger group, I’d say 20 or more, try your hand at asking the lounge for discounted bottle service as your bringing a large group who will purchase additional drinks outside of bottle service. (you never know until you ask)

 THE CAKE: I wanted a classic Chanel bottle shaped cake covered in edible glitter. I love classic designs with a touch of the wow factor. If you have a unique idea for a custom-made cake, the best way to go is hiring a wedding cake designer. Wedding cake designers are known for designing more intricate cakes than your typical local bakery. ( I can’t tell you how many times I walked into a local bakery with a picture of what I wanted and got blank stares.) You need a truly artistic cake professional to get a truly unique cake.

TIP #3: My cake was custom made by The Cakery Bake Shop. Ask for Hitasha (hit-tasha) and mention promo code “WANDERLUST” for special pricing.

PHOTOGRAPHY: As a model, I have access to multiple photographers. However, you don't need a fashion photographer for great photos. The best kind of photographer one should use for a birthday bash is an event photographer. The reason you should use a professional is simple. Most everyday people are not photographers nor do most take great pictures at night. Either the photo comes out too dark or is overexposed because of flash. Professional photographers not only have the right equipment but they have great portable lighting for nighttime events. Most event photographers in the city will charge anywhere from $50 - $100 per hour. (2 hours is usually enough). I recommend using New York’s Craiglist and keywords “event photographer.”  

Photography: Duchess Photography, ask for Ximena and use code “WANDERLUST” for special pricing.

ACCESSORIES: Last but not least, if you have accessories that go with your theme, you can advise your guests on where to get them. For my guests, I suggested using places like Amazon or Etsy to find cute and reasonably priced masks for my party's theme. I sent them links and additionally brought some extra masks in case anyone couldn’t or forgot their mask.