A Fall Day in Savannah Georgia


            Savannah, GA is ranked #11 in Open Table’s Top 25 Romantic Cities. Not only is the city famous for Jones Street (which is voted the #1 most beautiful street in the US according to Pure Wow) it is filled with a history and uniqueness one can only experience with a visit. First stop, Bonaventure Cemetery. For those of you who love sightseeing there is something you’ll love even more… free sightseeing minus tourists. Bonaventure Cemetery offers paid guided tours. However, one can easily grab a group of friends, google noteworthy statues and sites within the cemetery and drive through doing your own stop-and-go-tour. (I recommend driving vs walking around, it is huge!) The words cemetery and beautiful don’t normally belong together, however, Bonaventure is rustic with a dash of old-world charm. It’s filled with dramatic spanish moss brushed up against mausoleums, Corinthian pillars, famous angel statues and architecture that is breathtaking. It makes for a beautiful adventure on a fall day. Although Halloween is big in Savannah, post-Halloween tends to be quieter. Fall is the off-season which means bed and breakfast prices are slashed, and the city is not swarming with tourists, so take full advantage. 

  My second stop consisted of a late afternoon picnic in Forsyth Park. Forsyth Park is located in the historic district of Savannah and is a perfect place to lounge around and take in the scenery. Its most famous features are its fountain and Fragrant Garden which is easily accessible to the visually impaired. Grab a couple of gaI pals and spend the afternoon relaxing and watching the sunset Savannah style. I suggest trying Savannah local wine, Butterducks Cabernet Sauvignon paired with fresh cheese or fruit from local grocers.