$10 Mani + Martini, in New York?

That’s right my beauties, $10.00! As part of the New York City millennial lifestyle pretty drinks and polished nails are a must! They are also 2 things that are not inexpensive. The solution? Enter happy hour and groupon deals on mani/pedis. You find a lot of women in NYC at happy hour to get their drink on and we often hunt for deals on grooming.

I was pleasantly surprised when I (one of those women who religiously has nails done every week) went on a google hunt for an inexpensive manicure and came across Beauty Bar. Located in union square Beauty Bar is a vintage style bar that offers a manicure and martini for only $10. Who could beat that in a city of overpriced everything. Beauty Bar offers a menu of retro martinis paired with an onsite manicurist.

How does it work? Once at the bar, place your order and take a ticket. Once your turn, your manicure consists of filing, cutting, cuticle push-back, and polish on natural nails.

Beauty Bar
231 E 14th St
New York, NY 10003

Check out pics of this retro beauty!