Nights in Rodanthe

Beautiful  Ambiance. These two words comes to mine when I think of the movie “Nights in Rodanthe.” If you are what I call elementally enticed this movie is perfection! Since I can remember I’ve always loved the sound of rain. Picture laying under cozy blankets, with your favorite scented candle, window cracked listening to the sound of drizzling rain or downpour against the window pane with a  glass of wine  or warm tea within your reach … mmm… beautiful ambiance…

I first heard of Rodanthe from watching the movie. The Inn at Rodanthe filmed in the movie sat on the shore lifted on stilts. The stillness, fresh blue look, the ocean, rainstorm and turquoise accents of the inn were my inspiration in taking a trip down to see this unique beauty.  Before reaching my destination however, my journey was filled with beautiful imagery and a dash of small town charm. 

The Inn at Rodanthe  It’s important to note the inn has been relocated as it was condemned since filming. It has also been partially renovated. If you find yourself wanting to go on a group vacation it’s a great option! Checkout the before and after scenes from the movie as well as what it looks like now below. There is a minimum # of nights required. During the winter and fall, The Inn is a perfect getaway if you’re looking for relaxation.

 Driving down to Rodanthe, I stopped at  The Garden of Readin’ in the quaint town of Edenton, NC.  I am a tea lover! So, when researching local tea places, I was pleasantly surprised of stumble upon a place the complete opposite of my corner Starbucks. The Garden of Readin’ is a treasure trove of antiquarian and modern books for book-lovers. More importantly l it offers a variety of flavored and herbal teas to sip whilst reading. The boutique feel of this little jewel felt less overwhelming or generic. I recommend sampling the Blueberry Rooibos tea. What kinds of books do they have? All kinds! From history books to this cool book from my fellow jersey girl Bobbi Brown.

For a savory lunch visit  The Froggy Dog. For my fellow foodies and seafood lovers, nothing screams fresh seafood like restaurants by the beach. The outer banks offers a delicious variety of seafood amongst your all American classic menu. I suggest getting the steamed jumbo shrimp!