CLEAR: The Newest & Fastest Way Through Airport Security

Traveling to various destinations is exciting and thrilling. What’s not so thrilling? The fatigue of travel. Crowded airports, having to carry sometimes heavy bags, having to throw out water bottles, takes of shoes, put them back on etc. The list goes on and on. While I’ve alluded to TSA Pre-check benefits in the past (I still like TSA Pre-Check btw) CLEAR is a new and probably the fastest way to go through airport security. Check out more about clear and how it works below.

1.    What is CLEAR? A security clearance system.

2.    How does it work? CLEAR verifies your identity through fingerprints and irises. Simply go to a CLEAR Kiosk. CLEAR agents will help you scan your finger prints and/or iris and walk you straight to the security belt bypassing non-CLEAR and in some cases even TSA Pre-Check travelers. Like TSA Pre-Check you do not have to take off shoes or take out electronics.

3.    Where is it located? In 40 airports across the US and counting. Find out if CLEAR is available near you.

4.    How much is it? It has an annual membership of $179.00. 

Bonus: As always, I have a goodie for you. Delta Sky Miles Gold Card offers a free CLEAR membership as one of their member benefits. 

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