Let’s face it the holiday season can be overwhelming. The thought of overcrowded malls, messy department stores, exhaustingly long lines and overall frenzy can make us anxious. It can make us avoid shopping all together. Some of us find ourselves gift-less when Christmas is around the corner! So what to do when you find its 1 - 2 days before Christmas and you still haven’t finished holiday shopping for friends and loved ones? My top two picks for finding last minute quality gifts that don’t break the bank are Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. 2 days before Christmas I found myself missing multiple gifts for friends and family. I rushed to Marshalls first thing Sunday morning (this morning) and it did not disappoint! Below is a list of relatives and friends I still needed to shop for and my actual picks and suggestions for you. If your strapped for time Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are the way to go!

Best Friend or Close Relatives

Gifts tend to be more meaningful and/or expensive depending on the relationship with the person you’re shopping for. I found this beautiful designer watch by Adrienne Vittadini. I’m all for bargain shopping, my number one tip is to be certain that the item your purchasing is quality and/or an authentic quality designer item. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx carry discounted designer items. I chose this watch because it’s beautiful, feminine and sleek vs the larger bulkier options we see in store.

The original price $75.00 | Marshalls < $30.00.

*Other great gift options: Designer sunglasses, designer wallets

Friends & Co-workers

With the start of every new year comes life resolutions. Everyone has something they want to change or work on for the new year. Why not gift a 2019 planner? Planners help with organization and often feature beautiful and inspirational messages and designs. Marshalls in particular offers a selection of planners and stationary from brands such as Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, Eccolo, and ShopBando amongst a few. I was able to buy designer planners and quality executive pen sets.

Planners at the regular price $15 - $40 | Marshalls price = $10 - $15. (The best feature in all this, is that the planner’s don’t look like $15 planners.)

Kate Spade executive pens regular price = $35.00 | Marshalls = $15.00


Shopping for a guy? No worries, there tons of designer shirts and even polos you can get. Don’t forget designer wallets. For those of you who want to find other quality gift ideas, I suggest the following:

  1. Designer Candles (Marshalls does carry Yankee Candle occasionally) Check out this Isaac Mizrahi candle that smells like fresh pine!

  2. Check out the wall decor in home furnishing sections (often you’ll find cool art or something with an inspirational message that would look great on anyone’s wall)

  3. Drink-ware is a necessity during the holidays. Try scotch glasses or wine glasses

So it’s one day before Christmas and you haven’t finished shopping. Head on over to Marshalls or T.J. Maxx on Christmas Eve.