Winter Getaway Turks & Caicos

If you’re from the Northeast or Midwest, chances are you’ve experienced cold winters. Single digit weather and slushy gray snow the day after a snowstorm is anything but fun. In fact, studies show that the hype of the holiday season leads to excitement and overwhelm, and it all comes crashing down post New Year’s day. The winter season statistically tends to be the most depressing season. After all, for the past three months we’ve experienced a holiday event prix fixe menu starting with Halloween, then on to Turkey Day, to Christmas and finishing up with New Year’s. So now what? What’s a girl to do when the holidays are over, we’ve spent wads cash on gifts and its freezing outside? 

Solution: Create your own happy winter event to look forward to. During the winter blues or post-holiday season, the perfect to-do is a winter getaway. (Before you go saying, “but Juanita we just spent money on Christmas,” calm down I’ve got a solution for that too.)

Where should you go for a quick winter getaway? THE CARIBBEAN.

Top 3 reasons:

1.    It’s warm and a great change of pace from wherever you are in the US.

2.    It tends to be the off-season and is not swarming with tourists. You can actually find a spot on the beach.

3.    The Caribbean islands host 5-star luxury resorts to 3-4 star all-inclusive experiences. So if you’re looking for luxury or exotic + affordable experience, Caribbean island life is calling!

Turks & Caicos. Think teal waters, 70’s weather and water sports. Call the island the perfect mix of relaxation and moderate adventure. 

1.Food: While many islands are known for fresh seafood shrimp is not a biggie on this island. The staple seafood is Conch. Many local fishermen pull these from the ocean in giant pink and peach seashells. It tastes just like a scallop. You can get this at any resort of local restaurant.

Recommendation: Bugaloo’s is a fantastic conch crawl place with amazing live entertainment and the best atmosphere. They serve a variety of seafood delicacies and sparkling wines. The best part about Bugaloo’s is that you can get a beach view with your amazing food. I highly recommend stopping by and experiencing this place, if only for the live entertainment.

2. Adventure:  I love resorts but am big on exploring local attractions as well.

Recommendation: If you’re adventurous grab a friend and check out the Five Cay’s Beach. The beach is almost mystical. It’s deserted and you won’t find too many people here, but you will be breathless at the bright blue waters and pure white sands. The cool part? You’ll find deserted boats and friendly local fisherman catching conch amid the sounds of Bugaloo’s music. It’s a great place for postcard like photos.

3.Parasailing: For those of you who are into moderate activities parasailing is perfect. Sailing over the emerald waters was exhilarating and amazing! 

Recommendation: Captain Marvin’s

Think about planning your next trip to Turks and Caico’s?


Where I Stayed: Club Med Turkoise

Eat Here: Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl

Check Out: Five Cays Settlement on Providenciales