How to Have a Pretty Session

Career +  Babies + Grad School + Family + Significant Other + Travel + Life = less time for yourself. As women, we multi-task far more then men and say yes a lot more than we should as compared to our male counterparts. I even stumbled upon a stat once that said women by far volunteer more than men. (Nothing wrong with volunteering, but it is free ladies. Know when to volunteer and when to engage in activity that pays you what you are worth!) We overextend ourselves too frequently. We must find time for self-care using what I refer to as pretty sessions.

What are pretty sessions? A pretty session is any time set aside for yourself in which you can relax and recharge, feel, look and be healthy.  If you are super busy or on a budget the easiest at home pretty session to have is ...get ready...a bubble bath! 

Yes, that's right. Alone time in the bathtub, lavender candles, quiet music in the background, perhaps a glass of wine or sparkling water with fresh mint + lemons for about 30 - 40 minutes can provide the break you need. What to use? Check out Lollia bubble bath in Peony + White Lilly. I added this treasure to my very own pretty session and put it to use when I  feel overwhelmed. 

Where to get it from? I grabbed this gem from The Little White House Salon in Vancouver. Ladies, take some time to care for yourself. Tell everyone else in the house you need 45 - 1 hour of quiet time. Feel good and stay pretty girl!