Top 5 Travel Perks From American Express

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Okay, so we get them all the time. I mean all the time! In the mail….credit card offers promising us some great pre-approved amount with 0% interest. To do or not to do? By no means am I a cc expert. As a millennial at a glance credit cards offers can seem like a great deal.  Credit cards however, are a lot like drinking alcohol (it is only to be done responsibly) A great alternative? A charge card. (Not a line of credit, to be paid off monthly) An even better possibility? A line of charge cards with amazing travel benefits!


Amex Business Charge Card. The below Travel Perks  come in quite handy for my fellow travel goddesses! Let me just say there are about 15+ great travel benefits with this card. Below are just a few.

  1.  Amex gives you a $100 credit toward Global Entry, making it free!
    1. Pre- TSA = skip the general tsa security line, don’t take off your shoes, and don’t take out your computer, ipad, camera and off to your gate!
    2. International =  For travel back to the US the customs process is expedited vis Global Entry.
  2. $200.00 Airline Credit fare per year, at selected airline.
  3. Need to stay connected? ENJOY complimentary and unlimited Wi-Fi access at 1000 hotspots with the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan.
  4. No foreign transaction fees!
  5. Travel in comfort: Instead of waiting in general seating enjoy access to airport lounges. Included: complimentary wifi, snacks, beverages, charging stations and comfortable seating until your departure.