A Different Kind of Beach

Most Unique beach in the US…from Twilight the movie! 

La Push Beach.  It’s far from what you typically think of when you think of a beach. It’s not Malibu and definitely not the jersey shore. Yet, its differences make it a rarity. Featured as the beach Bella and Jacob frequent in Twilight, it’s land is owned by the local Quilete tribe which is also Jacob's tribe.

Unlike a typical beach which has a wide shoreline and sand La Push is dark and misty with dark pebbled flooring and animated sprays of Pacific Ocean water.  You'll find driftwood washed ashore from majestic giants known as redwood trees. It’s almost mystical and quite the place to take in nature or clear your mind.

The journey there has scenic surprises as well. Depending on where you’re coming from you might just experience the the portrait like landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula. For nature lovers everywhere or Twilight fans seeing this natural beauty is a must!