Best Charger for Travel

We all know the importance of a having a charged phone at all times. Our phones are our lifeline. It’s our easy access to friends, family, bank accounts, and the world of social media etc. While traveling it’s our means of checking-in, ordering uber/lyft, staying connected to the world in a foreign city or country, and our way of posting social media worthy pics. Portable power banks are key to staying present and connected.The problem with most power banks is that they are bulky , boxy, don’t fit in purses and are quite frankly very tech looking. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon some of the most powerful, travel-friendly, and stylish power banks on (get this) —GROUPON! I first learned about BUQU power banks by snagging one of their portable banks perusing through Groupon. Unfortunately, the chargers were so wildly popular they are now sold out. Not to worry, they are now sold on Amazon.

BUQU power banks not only offer a much needed boost to a dying phone, but unlike most traditional boxy power banks they can be clipped on purses, beach bags, luggage and just about anywhere needed. The best part is that they blend right in with any purse or tote. Check it out!