5 Fun Things to do in Barbados

During the various seasons many of us grab our gal pals or significant other and try to narrow down a fun-in-the-sun spot to vacation. Cruises that stop at known islands like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas etc. as well as all-inclusive resorts come to mind. So how does one decide on which of the many Caribbean islands is a great option for fun and relaxation? Research and reviews like this of course ;). As many of you know this blog is dedicated to you and the cultural immersion of many countries I’ve experienced. While many of the Caribbean islands offer great  sports activities, a paradise feel and an exotic landscape away from home, I encourage you to consider Barbados. The tiny Caribbean gem is home to around 287,000 islanders. Its beauty is ethereal and thus tourism is a main source of income.

  1. Crop Over: While Barbados is great option all -year around the most festive time to go is during its annual carnival known as Crop Over is a two-month celebration of the music, dance, costumes and food. The island is a festival of culture and party life for about two months and comes to a grand finale early August with its street carnival known as Kadooment. Think of Rihanna in her famous glamorous carnival outfits. The Caribbean queen is known for attending Kadooment and so should you if you plan on visiting during the month of August. It’s an out of this world experience..

  2. World Renowned Beaches: For those of you looking for a lighter vacation filled with quiet and respite there are multiple options. Barbados has “parishes” which are the equivalent of towns. My suggestion would be to stay in a hotel along any beach. One of the world’s most highly ranked benches is Crane Beach. It is featured as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is ranked #23 of CNN travel’s “100 best beaches around the world .“ If you want to hang with crowd try the popular Accra Beach. For a quieter experience try the serendipities Dover Beach. Dover Beach is a great option for watching the sunrise or sunset as it is less crowded.

  3. Watch the Sunset:   Whether you’re looking for a luxury experience or have a budget Barbados offers many beautiful experiences.  Check out any beach in the evening. White sands, blue waters and a slight breeze against the pink sky will make you feel like you are in a postcard.

    I recommend staying till the nighttime. The sand is cool and the purple moonlight against dark waters looks magical. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves…it’s true relaxation.

  4. Try Breadfruit:   Barbados is known for its evergreen plant, breadfruit. Although it is a fruit, it is often prepared like potatoes and can be a side to breakfast or lunch. It can be mashed, pickled or fried and is quite delicious. If your looking to really experience some of Bajan culture and authentic cooking, try breadfruit!

    *For those of you who stay by Dover beach. You must venture out and have savory island street meat, also known as a “Parish burger.” Late night after leaving a beach bar a parish burger is both tasty and “hits the spot.”

  5. Water sports:   Just about every hotel along the beach has plethora of choices when it comes to water sports. From parasailing to jet skiing, if your looking for some outdoor fun ask the front desk to prices and scheduling. I highly recommend scuba diving for those of you interested in seeing marine life. Clear waters provide for a scenic view of exotic marine life. Invest in an underwater camera for beautiful footage.

Where to Stay:

Infinity on the Beach: Starts at $79.00 per night

The Crane : Luxury Resort & Villas + access to world famous Crane Beach