A Summer New Year’s Resolution?

Most people set standard new year’s resolutions that start in January and end by March. Do any of you set beauty/self-care resolutions? I’m not talking about the standard, I’m-going-to-lose-weight or eat healthier. I’m talking about being determined to stick to your beauty regimens for skincare and haircare. How many times do you start a skincare or haircare regimen and fall off. It can be as simple as going to sleep without doing your night skincare routine. (if you don’t have one, stay tuned, I’ll have posts on this in the near future). If you have fallen off or haven’t started a 2018 resolution to beauty self-care, start now! There’s still 6 months to go! Why not start now?


So to the remainder of 2018 Here we come! New Resolutions: Make this the year of luscious locks!  I’m talking naturally thicker and shinier hair. Natural ingredients in hair care is the BEST way to go! Hello Hair offers all natural ingredients with a dash of delicious smelling oils for hair care. In my recent trip to Rodanthe, I loaded up my mini beauty bin with these travel hair mask sachets! Some key beauty ingredients worth highlighting: coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

Coconut oil by far is the best oil to tame frizzy hair. It’s one of the only oils that deeply penetrates the hair shaft. Most other hair oils only seal or protect hair strand but not actually penetrate it. It’s the best de-frizzer! Let me repeat that: IT’S THE BEST DE-FRIZZER! It doesn’t matter how frizzy your hair is, trust me it’ll do the trick. Worried about it making your hair look greasy? The key is to take a small dollop in between your palms and rub together until it melts. The amount determines the oily effect. If you find you have leftover oil, it can be used as body moisturizer.

Sweet Almond oil has full of Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc to name a few vitamins and minerals. The smell is naturally sweet. 

So here's to starting or re-energizing your New Year's beauty resolutions. Remember ladies, we only have one life to live. Do it looking and feeling your best. Yeah, I'm talking to you with that full head of luscious locks ;)!