Jewels from the Desert

Check out these amazing items I brought back from my trip to Abu Dhabi

1. If you absolutely love designer deals, shopping abroad is a must. Due to the exchange rate you'll find yourself owner of items sitting in any Upper East Side socialite's walk-in closet for less. Check out these elegant Tiffany's & Co. aviators. In true fashion they are blue with a touch of elegance (check out side detail)
U.S = $300 +
Abu Dhabi = $200 - $250

2. Wondering what's the perfect souvenir for your girlfriends? Glass perfume bottles. Beautiful & elegant perfume bottles are often apart of a lady's boudoir in many cultures. Treat your girlfriends like a lady  with this elegant yet practical souvenir.
$25.00 -  $30.00

3.  Limited edition and timeless is an accurate description of Carolina Herrera's "Good Girl" perfume bottle. It has light hints of soft floral scents  and the bottle is quite beautiful!
U.S. = $100 +
Abu Dhabi = $90