Quiet Afternoons in Beautiful BC

On my visit to Vancouver aka Beautiful British Columbia I stumbled on this homely oasis. Located in Ford Langley, the Little White House & Co. is a world away from the buzz of city life. I frequently come here when in Vancouver.  A wifi free zone, it is  the perfect place to sit and get some work done distraction free. As a creative, a quiet afternoon of sweets paired with fine teas allows me to clear my mind and blog or journal.  It is far from a typical teahouse. While the menu offers a nice variety of teas and sweets what is unique about this boutique is it's Parisian flair.  Both a teahouse and boutique it's a house converted into a Parisian style apartment.  You'll find a laid back European feel coupled with the opportunity to purchase boutique-style cozy home furnishings + accessories. I had the pleasure of purchasing a gorgeous bubble bath bottle which I now use for my pretty sessions. The salon is perfect for lunch with the girls, a quiet afternoon to yourself or an afternoon high tea + shopping.  For my fellow tea lovers, I recommend any fruity flavored tea here. Check it out when your in town!