Central Park's Secret Garden

Known for its history, size and pockets of cool corners, Central Park is a staple New York City landmark every New Yorker and non-New Yorker must experience. The park has been featured in over 350 films including  big names like Spiderman 3, Home Alone 2, and Maid in Manhattan. While the park is frequented by over 25 million people a year it is also home to a much quieter and lovely corner—its  conservatory, also sometimes referred to as its secret garden. 

While the city is both grungy and glamorous, the glamour comes with expensive drinks, expensive food and expensive dates. If you’re looking for something beautiful to see (and for free might I add) in a less populated area of the city, pay a visit to the Central Park Conservatory. It’s a perfect meetup location for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a moment of serenity alone, scenic views with girlfriends,  or a date with your guy/gal where you can sit, chat and take it all in, the Conservatory is perfect!

Central Park is ginormous, so be sure to enter by the famous Vanderbilt Gates (5thAve &  E. 105thStreet). The gates will lead you through the park to a fountain. Just above is seating under a trellis. For those of you into photography this is a moment to get prime shots. The trellis offers shade, an occasional breeze and a phenomenal view of the park. Not far from the trellis is a pathway to the garden.  Take your time in walking through the conservatory garden. During the summer the word vibrant is what comes to mind. The conservatory is in full-bloom and you’ll see a variety of local and exotic colored flowers. Find a bench and park yourself or make your way to its famous Burnett Fountain. The fountain area is quite serene. Imagine the sounds of trickling water surrounded by few people, and beautiful gardenia. Tip: try going during the weekday or late afternoons.